WIP Wednesday - Appearances

Well, this week has been a bit crazy.  As foretold on the podcast last week, Bonnie Hunter mentioned our little ol’ show.  Our YouTube views have more than doubled in a day, which is pretty neat. I’ve been busy behind the scenes with business and accounting type stuff (and have decided I’m already calling Allison soon, if she’s got room on her dance card) plus writing up a near-last minute 4th pattern that also needs to be ready at the end of July (special release at Tiny Stitches Christmas in July event!).

Since I can’t show pictures of that yet, I can show the amazing progress I made on clearing off my cutting table!

Please note the bottom half of the photo, which shows all those projects I cleared off the table got migrated over to the fabric storage shelves in some 1 Hour Baskets I made (minus the handles) to hold WIPs.  With the launch of the pattern business, I’m finding I have way more WIPs than my usual operating style, so I’m getting used to this new normal.

I do find that clutter drives me bonkers, so having the clean cutting surface is really rescuing my sanity and allowing me to focus on what I need to actively be working on, not shoveling around a bunch of stuff on the cutting mats. And it’s easier to keep the cats off the projects if they are put neatly up.

The trick will be remembering what I’m actually supposed to be working on.  JUST KIDDING! There’s totally a spreadsheet for that.

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday - Appearances

  1. Looks great! I have to have a clear cutting table simply for fear of cutting something that is not supposed to be cut! My stash is a mess in other locations though. Have you noticed, your stash continues to grow despite making scrap quilts?

    1. i’m convinced that those little scraps keep multiplying when left to their own devices so it’s not possible to ever run out!

  2. Glad people are visiting The Stitch from Bonnie’s blog site. I also work better with a clean surface. I did a project demo at the local guild last night so tonight I can clean up my cutting table as I made samples for each step in the process. Not sure I will finish all 5 of the projects :-).

    I can relate to the business and accounting stuff. The first and only thing I off-loaded when we started our company was the accounting stuff. I was fine handling the contracts and everything else.

  3. Bravo, on your cleanup! I need to clean/organize my space. There are 4 of us using the sewing space so with my multiple projects in progress and the younguns’ projects that keep popping up, it is a mess.

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