WIP Wednesday - Beginnings

I’ve been working on pattern writing for one coming out next week in-person at a local quilt shop (online in a few months), so I can’t share that quite yet.  I wrapped up the top and back last night so I’ve got the opportunity to work on something else.

Since I’ve got an imminent pile-up though, I need to wrap up my Sparkling Gems top and another gift quilt; those will probably get taken care of at my guild sew-in tomorrow night. Of course, that’s not stopping me from being distracted by something shiny. This patriotic fabric assortment conveniently works with the pattern I’ve been writing up!

This week I also took some time to go do Yoga with Cats, which is a new thing that Good Mews is doing in the shelter.  My downward facing cat is pretty horrible, but I can rock the shavasana with the best of the them, like Savannah here.

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday - Beginnings

  1. Did they just put a bunch of cats into the yoga room and let them do whatever they want? Or how did that work?

    Savannah looks like she would make a great girlfriend for Jet, though I am sure Morelli would get jealous.

    I will probably have to resort to listening to your last couple of episodes off of your site as iTunes (&*^%$#@!) has decided not to download podcasts. ERGH!!!

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