HtbaS - Episode 146

9 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 146

  1. You guys are awesome - I was laughing so hard at one point that I started wheezing and had to pause and find my inhaler. (That sort of happens sometimes if I laugh really hard. It is wicked attractive, I’m sure.)

    I just stumbled across a Neil Gaiman book for the first time last year, and he’s absolutely fantastic. I’d put American Gods as one of my all-time favorite books. I’ve heard HBO or Showtime or one of those is maybe/probably going to make a show based on American Gods, which would be awesome if they do a good job of it.

  2. Enjoyed the podcast!

    About the chucking of the pumpkins into the woods, do you ever find wild pumpkins growing out of control in the woods?

    You guys brought back nightmares of memories of when I lived in Texas and southern Florida. The horrid, flying ROACHES! Those things were big and strong enough to push open patio screen doors. My cat was afraid of the things and I was terrified of them. As a northern gal I had never seen bugs of that nature.

    So Pam, since you were born in Europe did you like the idea of having a duel citizenship growing up? None of my children were born in Europe but I always thought that fact would be something a kid would boast about. Traveling with the Air Force gave my husband and I one Texas born child and two South Dakotan children, although one was conceived in Berlin.

  3. Hi! I enjoyed listening to you and Daisy. I won the bonus round, because I got two answers to my question about quilt labels! I am still not sure what I will do, but I appreciated the discussion. Thank you! PS. I am in Portland, Oregon - that must be another Margaret in Germany.

  4. Hi! This is a great episode. I have to admit, I didn’t add Daisy’s podcast into my rotation until the Cake Sauce thing, but I really enjoyed the episode. I’m still giggling to myself about “Honky McCracker.” I got some strange looks on my walk, but it was worth it.

  5. Also, because I started my comment before the episode was completely over, I asked my husband the Dr. Who know-it-all in the house which Dr. Who episode Neil Gaiman wrote last season, and he said it was “Nightmare in Silver” and it had Cybermen.

  6. What a fun episode! It was long enough to take me to work and back and then some. Doggone traffic, especially when I am driving DH’s stick shift.

    Bugs don’t bother me too much, but snakes are a whole different matter. One of my Bee members had her husband kill a snake in their basement, but she is convinced that it got away, stitched up its wounds and is hiding under the freezer. Me? I’d have to move.

    Thrilled with the Outlander podcast.

    All the best.

  7. Fun times! I’m enjoying the guests.
    There is a pumpkin saver floating around Pinterest that claims if you soak your pumpkin in x after carving it keeps it from rotting so fast. Can’t remember what x is though.
    😀 oh well.

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