HtbaS - Episode 177

7 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 177

  1. My husband and I just watched Pitch Perfect for the first time ourselves and loved it! The dialogue was so well written and laughed a lot. I look forward to watching if again.

  2. I haven’t watched Pitch Perfect. MIght have to go to the local video shop and get it out. I wonder if my darling Fangirl has watched it? We could have a night in. As to not trying to say what I wrote for you… I have one thing to tell you “Chicken” I was going to try to type in chicken noises but coudln’t work out the spelling. HOpe you work thingy comes out ok. What a pain when people crash your party, beef it up with lots of hype and then you are left holding the bag as in having to deliver according to their expectations when they changed the goal posts. Heaps much angst for you but you can do it…you are invincible… you are a quilter! We rule the universe! (This pep talk comes to you all the way from Australia from someone who is very laid back and tends to shrug off other peoples expectations but then most of the stuff I do is as a volunteer so I get to say Stuff em and walk away if they don’t like what I do” You however are in paid employment and need to meet expectations of said… oh wait… I am supposed to be encouraging you and exhuding calmness and confidence not freaking you out. Feel free to ignore me (most people do anyway. I talk a lot of nonsense) I am going now… see me fading off into cyber space waving encouragingly…. bye….

  3. Note to self. Spell check before posting. Sigh. I am a teacher by profession. You can now feel extremely relieved that a) I live in Queensland Australia (a galaxy far far away) and b) I am pretty well retired

  4. Pitch perfect is aca-mazing!! And they are making a sequel!:) look I contributed: since I know nothing about quilts, except I like them! Thank you again for Charlie’s birthday present!

  5. Just catching up on the last few weeks of podcasts but had to chime in on movies. I’m not a super girly girl, love being my nerdy programmer self… BUT… when it comes to movies I love a light-hearted highschool/college comedy drama. Loved Bring It On, liked Glee at the beginning but got a bit over it, and now love Pitch Perfect. I’ve watched the final performance over and over. Looking forward to my next weekend home alone if only so I can watch the *cough*Twilight*cough* series again. Anything with a dark alternate girl letting her guard down for love 😛

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