HtbaS - Episode 180

One thought on “HtbaS - Episode 180

  1. I am about 6 episodes behind because I have been out of town almost all of June and my iPod is, as the Young Man would say, BLERGH.

    One thought I had on this episode was that if you make the cat walleye quilt, you could use it as a Hallowe’en decoration. Nobody could tell you it was a terrible cat (which I don’t think it would be anyway) if it was a scary Hallowe’en decoration.

    Re: books for young people. Are Frances’ YA books appropriate for her? I can’t remember if you have read Shelley Adina’s steampunk novels? If not, you might want to try them out. They aren’t too smutty, but have some violence and might be some titles to put in your back pocket for your daughter later. I was way ahead in reading as a kid and my mom tried to censor what I read, which only made me hide and read it. She stopped after awhile, giving up I think, because I went to the library by myself and would just read the book there if I thought she wouldn’t like it. Some of the stuff I read was too old for me and I got really scared from one book and skipped over the sexy parts of another.

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