HtbaS - Episode 190

A bit rambly as I discourse on specialty rulers, sewing for charity, and cats.

    • Tiny Stitches’ video on making the Mum Medallion block I got a lot of questions on. In the podcast, I said they were made of 3″ finished units in the block, but it’s a 12″ block, so they are actually 4″ finished units in the block.  Whoops!

    • Sharon Schamber’s basting method


7 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 190

  1. I feel the same about specialty rulers. Shouldn’t that be included in the required materials pack you bought for the class? Loved the “Square Unplugged” episode :)

  2. I looked up those basting videos after your class review. I don’t have anywhere at home or easily accessible to baste anything bigger than a baby quilt and our guild sew days are getting so popular there’s no floor space there either so I might give this a go for large lap size or small bed size quilts. If I were to ever make something huge I may get it basted by a local longarmer, you’re lucky to have that option.

  3. I’m with you on the whole trimming down thing. I’m lazy and much prefer using a good 1/4″ seam and accurate measurements to get it right the first time rather than taking time to trim everything down after I’ve sewn. That just feels like a lot more work! Though I am a sucker for fun new gadgets- including rulers that I never seem to actually use for anything. 😛

    The whole “what makes a quilt modern” thing is fascinating. Some peeps in my guild recently started up a satellite group for modern quilting, and we have talked a lot about that as well.

    Thanks for the info on labeling!

  4. I agree. I like just making blocks carefully rather than paper piecing something like the 54-40 or Fight block using paper piecing. Paper piecing is a great technique for certain patterns, but not necessary for ALL blocks. IMO.

    Re:Kimberly Einmo class - take the class. I think you will enjoy it. Why not borrow the ruler from Katie or take a look at Kimberly Einmo’s book to review the non-specialty ruler instructions. I seem to remember them talking about this on Katie’s interview. It sounds like EQ would be a good tool for you.

  5. I don’t own a single specialty ruler. Actually, I tell a lie. I own a ruler that’s meant to help you cut your binding ends or something. I won it and have never figured it out. My binding ends look just fine. Nuff said.

  6. Now, I do like specialty rulers and especially the ones from Monique Dillard. I looked up the Mum Medallion BOM and can see where some of the blocks are very similar to her Blogger Girls BOM I that I did in red, black and white.

    I have the Kimberly Einmo ruler, but have not used the same yet. Would you like me to lend it to you?

  7. Oh, and I like trimming things down, because I’m not as accurate as I hope to be, one day. Quilting helps me let go of some of my perfectionistic tendencies, which is what works for me.

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