HtbaS - Episode 233

I play a little bit of a catch up after our vacation, meeting Allison at Within a Quarter Inch, and paper piecing.

Deanna asked about getting a more consistent quarter inch seam.  Here’s some suggestions; I talked about the Sally Collins book in the podcast, but came up with some other ideas as well.


3 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 233

  1. Have you thought about adding cornice molding to extend your bookshelf on the top only so your sword fits?

  2. Perhaps you can add the sword as an additional border on one side so the sword runs top to bottom. You could add spacers ar the top and bottom to have it run the full length of the quilt.

  3. I seem to be consistently 3 podcasts behind on your podcast. I do like hearing a few episodes from you, especially if your podcasts are 20 minutes long (not a criticism of length). I have been following your tweets and grams (Instagrams???) as you wander through your life. Thanks for your efforts on the podcasting front.

    I thought it was funny that you were asked if you were eaten by sharks especially since 1) you were standing talking to the person (or via chat or something) and 2) you don’t swim. People are weird.

    Good suggestions for Deanna. I was going to send you the Craftsy post about the quarter inch seam. Also, I have a lot of basic block tutorials on my blog. As you probably know they all have step by step pictures.

    Re: small projects -I saw some cool mug rugs that were hexagonal. I thought they might make nice placemats, but that shape might be too difficult for a beginner. Journal covers are also good projects, if you like that sort of thing or want to use them as gifts.

    I agree that Sally Collins is a good teacher and her books are great.

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