HtbaS - Episode 235

I’m home! The work project went great and I got to visit The City Quilter in NYC. I talk about current projects, upcoming projects, and give a mini-movie review of Boyhood. I also talk about sewing clothes, or thinking about sewing clothes, since I can’t bring myself to do it yet since I’m afraid it will reveal me to be a giant fraud.


7 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 235

  1. Just post a picture of your wedding dress, honey. No one will think you are a fraud about sewing clothing! Love ya!

  2. Oh me too. Did a skirt and have another in the works. Keep telling myself it’s just a number, a measurement, it does not define me. You can do what I did just take a pic of the garment laying flat then on with only the body parts showing that need to be. I cropped my head, arms ect. off in my pics. LOL 😉 have fun!

  3. Is your apparel fabric part of your stash count? If not, I wouldn’t sew garments, because you won’t be able to count it. 😉

    I am sure you can rock the animal prints, providing you use your excellent taste before going crazy.

    How to arrange your body: do sorority feet, which is putting your feet in a T position when you stand. For some reason it makes your legs and feet look better. Wear heels for the picture as well. They make your legs look better as heinous as you are.

    Non dominant hand: I have been using my left hand for more stuff because of an injury, including mousing. I have to pay better attention and I am much slower, but I am getting better and it doesn’t feel quite as weird. I don’t know anything about the self control piece.

    Can’t wait to hear about all of your secret projects!!!

    Take care!

  4. I was cracking up listening to the work competition. I want to be on your team!

    Remember when you look at the apparel patterns, there are a lot more sizes on patterns than in the store, so you WILL be a bigger size. Pattern sizes and store sizes do NOT line up. I learned that the hard way, when I was making myself a bridesmaids dress… It was not a fun moment in my life!

    I enjoy making clothes every now and then. It challenges my skills in a new way, and I usually end up with something I really like. Good luck!

  5. I just purchased the Scout Woven Tee pattern by Grainline Studio, planning on making some from quilting fabric and others from knits (Spoonflower delivered my order in a week!) Read many good reviews at for using both. No interfacing or buttons is a plus

  6. Hi Pam, I enjoyed the podcast. Congratulations on finishing your work project successfully. I hope your colleagues know how lucky they are to have you on their team. I wanted to point you in the direction of a podcast, Knitting Butterflies, that talks about posing for good photographs that you will be happy with. The podcaster, Emily Straw,is a professional photographer, as well as a multicrafter - mostly knitting, also sewing, parenting, spinning, etc. On her latest episode (39) she reviewed her tips for posing, at about the 37:50 minute mark, if you are interested - here is the link -

  7. I absolutely love your podcast! I hope your team at work appreciates all of your craftiness. Your description of getting through the Star Wars movie without a bathroom break made me laugh out loud. I give you a lot of credit for talking about the numbers and head games that go with them after a weight loss. It’s something I can completely relate to and it takes a great deal of courage to talk about. Thanks for keeping me company while painting today!

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