HtbaS - Episode 236

This I talk a bit about what I’m working on, and then Daisy pops in at the 20 minute mark or so for some book talk! We have some recommendations and some not-recommendations. We also complain about the weather (sorry Frances!).

Note: Daisy is going to also cast the book discussion on her podcast.

Recommended books:

And here’s a picture of my Harry Potter Bookshelf quilt top!

Harry Potter and the Bookshelf of Doom


13 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 236

  1. Loved the book discussion. I was dying to be a part of it!

    I get such a kick out of people who read. I know so many people who never crack a book and I just don’t understand that.

    I bow before the manificence of you Book Shelf quilt.

  2. I am in awe of your HP quilt. You have done an amazing job on it!!!
    I also really enjoyed listening to the book chatter. I get in a rut with what I read and you as well as Daisy have expanded my reading list. Thank you!

  3. Well done on the Harry Potter bookshelf quilt! Congrats on having your presentation at work behind you and setting a really high bar for all the teams that follow :-).

    I am still unpacking the sewing room and struggling a bit with the layout. The rest of the house is falling into place quite nicely.

  4. Love the HP bookshelf.

    By the way Ali Smith was on the short list for the Booker prize but she didn’t win it. Richard Flannigan( from Australia) won with “The Narrow Raod to the Deep North” or something like that. It’s not the easiest of books to read but it is beautifully written.

  5. The bookshelf quilt is amazing! Both of my teenagers are impressed too! You and Daisy talked about someone with 2 puggles, I have 2 puggles! Love hearing about books, I’m always looking for something to read.

  6. Wowzas! Your HP bookshelf quilt is fabulous! If still have trouble figuring out where to hang it, I can recommend my house. 😉 Love your pixie cage. I am packing at the moment and listening to you and Daisy but had to stop and come see your quilt. I have not had any time to check blogs but this quilt had to be seen ASAP.

  7. Those 2 Liane Moriarty books are awesome! I was introduced to her in my book club, and I enjoyed her books greatly.

    That quilt is fantastic…very meticulous and obviously well-done.

  8. Wow, the HP bookshelf looks incredible. I’ve been catching up on your last few podcasts while out walking recently, I’m only half way through this one (up to the book chat) but I had to come check out the quilt.

    Also wanted to mention that I now have a much greater appreciation for cat helpering since picking up my very own kitty in early June, Indi is a British Blue Shorthair who enjoys chewing on clover binding clips and swatting the thread setup on my machine. She’s on instagram to if you want to take a peek (@indibritishblue)

  9. Please note that I am only 2 episodes behind this time. I hope to catch up by tomorrow or the end of the evening tonight. We’ll see. #podcastdeliquent 😉

    The HP Bookshelf Project of Doom quilt is amazing. It is really wonderful how it all came together. Did you know that my son has a jacket that acts like Hermione’s reticule?

    More later.

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