HtbaS - Episode 238

6 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 238

  1. I enjoyed the Wild movie - I thought it was a good representation of both the inner and outer journeys depicted in the book. Also, I enjoyed seeing familiar scenery in Oregon - both the boot scene and the bridge scene.

    I listened to ‘Quiet’ as an audio book, and found much useful content. She depicts many successful “quiet” people with different styles of ‘quiet’, and strategies for success for mixed couples, as well as different cultural norms for intro- vs. extroverts.

  2. Pam, I just want you to know I look forward to the podcast every week. I enjoy finding out what you are working on, how much you accomplish, and what you are reading! I’m sure it seems like a chore sometimes, but there are listeners out there who appreciate you!

  3. Your Harry Potter quilt has inspired me to finally read the series. I’m actually listening to it via my library digital download. If anyone hasn’t discovered that option, it is great! I use the app Overdrive, but I’m guessing you have to check at your local library. I’m through book 1 and on the waiting list for 2.

    Thank you for the pet bed info. I’ve been saving scraps for someone who makes them, but I would prefer to just make my own, starting with some for my own kitties!

  4. Quick Curve Ruler - I want to try this. I have to find a pattern interesting enough to request a demo at my local quilt shop. I’ll look into Metro Twist pattern.

    Re: Wild - we (at least in my circles) on the West Coast and have any knowledge of the Pacific Coast Trail sincerely dislike this book, because the woman was a danger to herself and emergency crews that may have had to rescue her. She was completely unprepared in any way. Granted, I have not read it (see above rant 😉 ), but have backpacked the PCT and know the prep and training required. I know she learned and had adventures and that is good.

  5. I think I might have gotten confused about which episode to which I listened, so the above comment may have been partially for episode #237. This is what comes from being a #podcastdeliquent. You are a smart, independent lady and can figure out what I am doing. 😉

    I have a pattern posted for pet beds at: It is a little different than your description and could be considered an alternative.

    Just so you know. I didn’t read Wild because of my preconceived judgements about her preparedness, but after your review, I might.

    Try Barbara Samuels AKA Barbara O’Neal if you want some nice lady stories with some meat on their bones. I really like the Lost Recipe for Happiness. She is Sarah Addison Allen-ish, but without as much magical realism.

    I am confused about why a **Twilters** group on FACEBOOK, aside from the 140 character limit, is a good idea. I guess that must be me as I don’t spend tons of time on FB.

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