HtbaS - Episode 228

This week I talk about making more “made fabric”, what I got done at my retreat and sew-in, prepping for the ECQG quilt show, and what’s coming up in the next few weeks and summer!


3 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 228

  1. Oh my! I was actually putting dish soap into the sink when you started talking about washing dishes. Little creepy…… Love your pink “made fabric” and the Polkadotamus quilt. Sounds like you have some busy times ahead as well as fun projects planned. Great podcast Pam!

  2. Just so you know, I am a podcast delinquent. I am catching up again, Just go with it.

    Ep. 228: I won a savings bond for something and had to see the principal and THEN be awarded the savings bond at an assembly in front of the entire school. I almost died and am sure I didn’t talk for the next week.

    I asked my son what he thought of graduation. This is High School! He said “I am exhausted and glad it is over”. There was a curious absence of emotion, except by crazy parents, at his ceremony and after.

    Perhaps you will win a new fancy camera phone and be able to post photos more easily.

    Why don’t you just put the Harry Potter blocks together as is and move on?

    If you give quilts to your boss, you might start expectations of other co-workers.

    I like the border on Sparkling Gems. Will the background be dark? Or on the dark side (HA!)

    Ep.227: I am so irritated with all of these graduations- Pre-K, K, pre-middle school, high school. Sigh. Just pick one and make a deal out of it. Of course, I could just be over the graduation festivities. I am also not a big fan of minimum days or movies during class at the end of the year. Just let the kids out and stop the pretending.

    Re: Dresden Garden - I can’t help laughing every time you mention. Please promise me you will never start another Dresden plate. Please?

    Ep.226: You have seemed a lot more relaxed on the last two episodes.

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