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Periodic Table Quilt - Finished!

Periodic Table Quilt

The Periodic Table quilt is finished! It does come together quickly since the most intense piecing is just squares and then a lot of long seams.

I used 3 1/2″ squares, so this quilt finishes at around 48″ x 66″, a decent sized lap quilt.  I had originally planned to use a gray for the background, but didn’t have enough yardage of a single gray to make that work, but the brown sets off the colors just as well. You’ll need around 2 yards of background fabric to make your own version.

Quilting... for SCIENCE!

The colors and square counts are on the graph paper to the left, but for those that can’t read my handwriting, you’ll need:

  • 13 yellow
  • 7 blue
  • 7 medium green
  • 11 orange
  • 38 aqua
  • 6 purple
  • 6 pink
  • 16 lime green
  • 16 red

To piece the various sections, I sewed the following chunks:

  • The pink column (plus one blue square) - leftmost column
  • The purple column - 2nd left column
  • Aqua middle chunk (with 1 lime green and 1 red square)
  • Right chunk with blue, orange, medium green, and one column of yellow
  • The yellow column - rightmost
  • Red / green rows - bottom

Then I cut the background fabric, mostly on the lengthwise grain so the long stretches don’t have any piecing in them (I think the 6 1/2″ x 30 1/2″ piece was the only one cut WOF). Once the color “element” chunks are pieced and pressed, here’s how it goes together:

  1. Aqua chunk sewed to a 6 1/2″ x 54 1/2″ piece of background fabric.
  2. Attached purple column and right chunk to either side of aqua/background chunk.
  3. Attach 3 1/2″ x 48 1/2″ piece of background to top of middle chunk.
  4. Attach leftmost pink column and rightmost yellow column to either side of middle chunk.
  5. Attach 9 1/2″x 54 1/2″ piece of background fabric to top of middle chunk.
  6. Attach 3 1/2″x 54 1/2″ piece of background fabric to bottom of middle chunk.
  7. Attach 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ piece of background fabric to left side of red/green row (make sure green is on top).  Attach 3 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ piece of background to right side of red/green row.
  8. Attach red/green chunk to bottom of middle chunk.
  9. Attach 9 1/2″x 54 1/2″ piece of background fabric to bottom of chunk below red/green rows.
  10. Attach two pieces 6 1/2″ x 48 1/2″ of background fabric to either side, completing the quilt top.

Periodic Table Quilt

Then you can figure out a backing -I went a little crazy and went with a rainbow theme! I quilted with one thread color in the elements, and a different color in the background.

And bonus picture of Nina. Assuming you can find her, as she is a mistress of camouflage!

The Quilter's Cat, in its natural habitat...

Sunday Stash - It’s the Little Things

The Quilt of Valor finish was the big one for this week, although the two storage bags contributed nicely as well. I also did two small projects, the Charm Dude, and a mini quilt gift for someone I’ll show a picture of once I think they’ve received it.

I also got the top finished for my Periodic Table quilt, and am working on piecing the back today. It’s going to be Roy G. Biv inspired to keep up the science theme.

  • Used this Week: 8.75 yards
    • 6 yd for the Quilt of Valor
    • 1 yd for QoV storage bag
    • 1.25 yd for No Fabric Left Behind storage bag
    • 0.25 yd for the Charm Dude
    • 0.25 yd for mini-quilt gift
  • Used year to Date: 124.25 yards
  • Added this Week: 0 yards
    • Woohoo!
  • Net Used for 2014: 71 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 42.25 yards (34% of total used)

And because it’s the end of the quarter, here’s a graph! I’ve been thinking I’ve been behind my usage from previous years, but a quick glance tells me, no, that’s not the case, despite the yardage grab of the Super Bolt sale!


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Quilt of Valor - Finished!

Quilt of ValorI finished this quilt earlier in the week, but didn’t get a chance for decent pictures with the weather we’ve been having!

And then it seemed that no matter how I hung the quilt or took the picture, it looks crooked. Oh well.

The original pattern called for a border of 2″ squares 5 deep for another 7.5″ of border, but that would put it outside the size limits for QoV.

I just did an all over meander for the quilt since the piecing is rather busy with all the different fabrics. Now to contact the region coordinator to find out where to send it!
Quilt of Valor

HtbaS - Episode 173

I talk about the best gift I’ve ever gotten on twitter, how feelings are dumb, what I’ve been sewing this week, and walk through the tutorial on my little Charm Dude.


Psst… Wanna buy some charms? Tutorial

Psst... wanna hold some charms?A mildly naughty charm holder tutorial!

One of the guilds I belong to awards two types of charms for larger finished projects.  The first is the coveted Golden Thimble, which is for projects that are entirely stitched and quilted by hand that measure at least 280″ in perimeter. I don’t have one of those, but am hopeful my EPP project will get there (someday).  The second, which I’ve earned several times, is the Golden Scissors, which is for projects of the same size, but made with a sewing machine.  After collecting a couple of these tiny golden scissor charms, I started thinking I needed a fun way to hold them. And I started thinking about the random “scissor guy” that shows up at any sewing expo, who in fact has a legitimate booth, but I imagine him in dark alleys with a trenchcoat trying to push illicit scissors. So I made this guy in that vein.

Continue reading Psst… Wanna buy some charms? Tutorial

WIP Wednesday - For SCIENCE!

I put the final stitches on the Quilt of Valor last night! I’ve still got to make the storage pillowcase for it, as well as two “real” pillowcases. But not to be inefficient, I also need a project to use as leaders and enders while sewing those various projects.

Quilting... for SCIENCE!It’s also that time of year when we need to start thinking of teacher gifts, and I normally wouldn’t do quilts for teacher gifts because it’s a bad precedent to set, IMO (all my kids’ teachers have been great, but not necessarily “quilt worthy”). I did the quilt for my daughter’s teacher last year because she was retiring. This year, her teacher is getting married (and she also taught my son in the same grade). And this year, my son’s teacher has done great with him in both 4th grade and the Science Olympiad, so… yeah. I’m making two quilts.

Anyone, one of them will be related to science. Can you guess from that picture of all the colorful squares?

Quilting... for SCIENCE!Here’s another hint!

Spring Hug Quilt - Finished

Spring Hug QuiltLast week I got the idea last week that someone I know was in need of a quilt. Well, I had been thinking it for a while, but didn’t have the bandwidth to make them one and time seemed a bit critical last week.  I found this pattern on Moda Bake Shop, picked a fabric to use as inspiration (the orange one in the picture over there), and then pulled some coordinating fabric in greens, purples, blues, and oranges to make it happen!

There are times when I think the only way to make a scrappy quilt work is to overwhelm the palette with so many colors that no one fabric stands out. Then there are times when I think my color sense is pretty good; I’m really happy with the collection of fabrics in this quilt, and think it’s soothing without being dour. A “gentle spring”, if you will.

Spring Hug QuiltI finished it with a scrappy binding, and the backing is collection of tan-like floral prints from my stash. Here’s hoping it can give a hug when I can’t do it in person.

Sunday Stash - The Whopper

Owly ImagesTada! I will put the finishing stitches on the king size quilt binding tonight, and just finished up the binding on this quilt (a gift for someone). I also realized I was almost out of fabric bags to collect my scraps in that I turn into pet beds, so I made two more.

  • Used this Week: 28 yards
    • 20 yd for No Fabric Left Behind king size quilt
    • 7 yd for Spring Hug lap quilt
    • 1 yd for 2 scrap bags
  • Used year to Date: 114.5 yards
  • Added this Week: 0 yards
    • Woohoo!
  • Net Used for 2014: 62.25 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 35.25 yards (31% of total used)

See more stash reports at Patchwork Times!

HtbaS - Episode 172

Spoiler alert! My headphones finally bit the dust, two and half years after sitting on them. RIP headphones! I’m using a higher quality microphone now, so let me know if I need to adjust the volume or anything.

I talk a bit about longarming and having a quilt pile-up.


WIP Wednesday

UntitledAt one point yesterday, there were three cats entangled in my parents’ quilt, shown here with binding attached but not stitched down yet.  I had Jett inside the quilt on the floor, Nina inside the quilt on top of the table, and Morelli on top of the quilt but next to Nina. Morelli is a stealth snuggler and keeps trying to sneak up on Nina and Fred the dog to snuggle with them when they are under various quilts. They inevitably figure it out then Morelli slinks off guilty.

Anywho, when I’m not handstitching binding down this week, I was moving quickly on a lap quilt for someone as a last minute gift.  I’m thinking I’ll get the top pieced at my guild sew-in Thursday evening, and then I will still have a pile-up since the Quilt of Valor is still waiting to be quilted.

I’ve also made some progress on my Tula Pink English paper piecing - I’ve got two rows finished and stitched together, and will be making a lot of progress on it this weekend while my son competes in the Science Olympiad and I’m hanging out waiting with him for SIX hours.