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Sunday Stash - BOOYAH

A banner week this week as I finished THREE quilts.  Woohoo!  The first is One Block Wonderful, which is a twin size, and the other two are smaller donation quilts.  The weather is nice out so I’m going to photograph all my recent finishes while my husband grills the steaks for dinner!

Tonight I need to finish cutting out the bits for some Sew Together bags, do my Harry Potter block for the week, and replace a zipper in a totebag for a family friend.  And watch some zombies for the finale of Walking Dead and fold a billion pieces of laundry.

  • Used this Week: 17.25 yards
    • 3.5 yd for  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles baby quilt
    • 5 yd for Bricks Music Quilt II
    • 8.75 yd for One Block Wonderful quilt
  • Used year to Date: 73.25 yards
  • Added this Week: 0 yards
    • Woohoo!
  • Net Used for 2015: 31.25 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 51.5 yards (57% of total used)

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HtbaS - Episode 220

Well, time slipped away last night and before I knew I fell asleep on the couch at quarter after nine. So you get a Saturday morning podcast!

Here’s my set up and initial design from the class with Charlotte Angotti.


WIP Wednesday - OBWing

I’m getting closer to finishing the One Block Wonder quilt.  It’s under the needle right now on the machine,and it’s a twin size monster.  Of course Jett had to help me baste it last night.

I’m using a couple different color threads in the center, and am just about done with the white thread on the top right/bottom left corners.  I’ll also use pink and aqua for those color-intense areas.

I wanted to try the dog-grooming arms on my FMQ setup last night (a suggestion from Katie to reduce drag while quilting!), but forgot I didn’t have the clamps for it. Instead I seem to have just set up a rope climbing station or bag-less punching bag for Nina, who was immediately enamored with the clamp arm and dangly bits.

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Sunday Stash - Second Verse, Same as the First

This week, I finished another baby quilt similar to the one from last week.  I also had to make a storage bag, and two small projects, so I’m still slowly inching up in usage.

Hedwig!In additions to the stash, I bought fabric for the borders for my one-block wonder quilt since I didn’t have enough of any one fabric that matched enough for the outer border.  When my parents visited, my mom brought me some fat quarters that I’ll use for my class on Thursday (to make a quilt for them!).

This week I also stayed on top of the Project of Doom - here’s my Hedwig block.

  • Used this Week: 5.25 yards
    • 4 yd for  charity floral quilt
    • 1 yd for quilt storage bag
    • 0.25 yd for Beach Scene and glasses case
  • Used year to Date: 73.25 yards
  • Added this Week: 4 yards
    • 3 yd for OBW border
    • 1 yd in FQs from my mom
  • Net Used for 2015: 14 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 43 yards (59% of total used)

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Scrappy Animal Baby Quilt - Finished!

Here’s the latest baby quilt I finished last week.  It’s just simple patchwork assembled in colors that match the border fabric.

Scrappy Animal Baby Quilt

I used 5″ squares from my scrap stash to fill it out, and straight line quilted it.  Machine binding, and voila!

Scrappy Animal Baby Quilt- backOf course the back is pieced - I sewed the two big chunks of fabric together, then cut it in half perpendicular to the seam, then flipped one side and added a pieced row between the two sections.  This helps use up those smaller pieces in my stash and some 10″ squares from the scrap stash.


HtbaS - Episode 219

Jett is a very helperful cat this week, so there’s some scintillating play-by-play action during the podcast.  I talk about getting back into the swing of things sewing-wise, and plans to finish a number of quilt projects.


WIP Whoopsday: A Tiny Vacation

Oh, not a vacation for me, that is.  I made a tiny beach scene this week as a gift for a friend:

It measures about 5×7″, and is quilted onto Peltex and backed with flannel.  I used diced up batik scraps for the sand and ocean with a tulle overlay.  There’s a very small orchid on the beach as well to go with a scented oil reed diffuser I also gave her, named “Salt Water Orchid“. It smells delightful and I have one at my desk too.

I also got the center of my One Block Wonder all sewn together - here’s a picture of it two-thirds done.

I feel like I should leave the sides intact rather than cut them off before adding the border, but I’m not quite sure.  Of course, I also need a border fabric. Sigh.

And, big news, the East Cobb Quilters Guild extended their deadline for quilt submissions, so I have an opportunity to submit a couple other quilts! I’m thinking of entering the Grand Illusion Mod Baby Quilt (even through I machine stitched the binding- alas!) and maybe my Psychedelic Pots mini that needs quilting.

Sunday Stash - Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Harry Potter POD block 10Lots of stitching this week compared to prior weeks.  I managed to stay on top of the Project of Doom, although I think my block is slightly upside down.  Hmm.

I also finished up Step 3 for Scrapitude Scrap-in-a-box, without any mistakes!  I pieces these as leaders and enders while making more progress on my One Block Wonder quilt.  I think I’m about a quarter of the way through piecing blocks together, but it’s hard to tell since I haven’t unrolled the portable design surface (read: flannel backed tablecloth) all the way since last weekend.


I also finished up a baby quilt I was piecing from 5″ squares from my scrap stash as leaders and enders for the OWB, too, and started a second.  Slowly chipping away at that net usage number!

  • Used this Week: 4 yards
    •  4 yd for  charity animal quilt
  • Used year to Date: 68 yards
  • Added this Week: 0 yards
    • Woohoo!
  • Net Used for 2015: 12.75 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 38 yards (56% of total used)

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HtbaS - Episode 218

This week, a smidge of technical difficulties since the post for this episode mysteriously disappeared, so apologies if this episode gets posted twice.  I talk about my One Block Wonder quilt, respond to feedback, and tell some funny stories along the way.


WIP Wednesday: Wonder-ful, One Block at a Time

This week has been mostly about my One-Block Wonder quilt.  I did get all the blocks sewn, and then arranged, and then re-arranged.

Behold, the first horrible and blobby layout.

I had intended that the blue blocks would be the center of a flower, and then the pink blocks the petals/main flower part. The green blocks are the stem and the brown-ish blocks were the ground. What I ended up with was a Hot Mess of Highest Heat and Messiness. So, back to the drawing board.

In addition to Jett “playing the cello” on the middle, this has the added bonus of not being a heinous travesty of design.  I used the pink blocks (by far the highest number) to make a wavy diagonal line, and filled in the other colors from there so the transition is a bit more subtle.  I did reorder the brown ones in the bottom left a bit, but otherwise, this is how it’s going to be sewn together.

I think I’ll add a border with some applique that mirrors the flower shapes in the original panel, but will figure that out once I get the center sewn!

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